WATCH: News Anchor Accidentally Interrupts Weather Forecast While Looking for Pokémon

Pokémon Go is making the news yet again — and quite literally, too.

Last week during a live news broadcast on Tampa's CBS affiliate, WTSP anchor Allison Kropff accidentally wandered through the morning weather report while collecting Pokémon on her mobile phone. Meteorologist Bobby Deskins, however, wasn't all that upset, and actually found the whole thing pretty hilarious as soon as he realized what Kropff was doing.

"You guys gotta be careful with these phones, these Pokémon," he laughed after she breezed through his forecast. "You're just walking around all over the place!"

Kropff, too, has a pretty good sense of humor about it the incident. She later posted the funny footage to her own Facebook page, where she also admitted to being addicted to Pokémon Go.

Aside from Kropff's blunder, Pokémon Go has been making headlines for sending its users to the hospital, albeit unintentionally. The game — which utilizes augmented reality technology to make Pokémon appear in players' real-world surroundings — has already led to gamers falling from cliffs or walking into traffic while trying to "catch" their beloved characters.

If you're still stumped about the gameplay of Pokémon Go, the Winnipeg Free Press recently posted probably the least confusing YouTube video on the subject last week. Take a look below, but only if you're not near any steep cliffs or busy expressways: