Walter Mercado to Remain Hospitalized for Foreseeable Future

Seems like Walter Mercado’s Horoscope was right.

“You are going to need more money,” read Mercado’s horoscope for Tuesday on his website. “Start saving.”

The flamboyant astrologer, who was admitted into a Puerto Rican hospital for “chest pains” and bronchitis, has been under business and legal stress.

Wilma Torres, the astrologer’s secretary said that Mercado’s workload in December triggered the chest pains that landed him in the hospital. Legal issues, Torres stressed, have caused him to have a “physical breakdown.”

“He has been under so much stress due to the case in court, his predictions and the avalanche of work he had in December,” Torres said. “But, he is all right.”

In Oct. 2010, Mercado announced that due to an epiphany he had in a dream, a revelation that would allow him to take his teachings about peace and love throughout the world, he was suddenly changing his name to Shanti Ananda.

The Name Before the Fame

Nevertheless, according to Puerto Rican publication Primera Hora, the astrologer continued using the name “Walter Mercado” for commercial use, forcing him to go to court last month over the rights of his former alias.

Federal Judge “Gustavo Gelpi” ruled that the astrologer/psychic can no longer use that name “as a trademark,” because he sold the rights to a corporation named Bart Enterprises back in 1995.

With all this on his plate, Mercado’s health has taken a toll. And now it seems that he won’t be leaving the hospital anytime soon, according to a report from El Nuevo Dia.

The psychic’s niece Ivonne Benet Mercado says Mercado’s health “is getting better”  but highlighted  that it is unclear when he will be released.

“Thank God he is well,” Inter News Service quotes Bonnet saying. “His lung has cleaned up a lot. This morning we spoke to the doctor and his health has improved.”

Latino Celebs on Twitter

“The doctor did not mention when he will be coming out.”

Benet Mercado adds that the astrologer has not lost his sense of humor and has managed to stay made up even while being in bed in the hospital.

“His personality of always joking around with the nurses is quite unique,” said Bonnet. “He has music… and they pamper him.”

“They even took him a blow dryer to dry his hair after they bathe him,” she added.

Mercado has postponed his latest project, working with TV host Cristina’s new show “Pa’lante con Cristina” until further notice.

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