The season finale of V has arrived (Tuesday, May 18 at 10/9c) and with a title like "Red Sky," fans of the original miniseries are intrigued by what the oncoming war will bring. TVGuide.com caught up with Elizabeth Mitchell to get the scoop on the finale, including a meet-the-parents dinner where Erica Evans will sit down with Anna (Morena Baccarin) on the mothership. Mitchell also reveals which character is safe amidst all the casualties...

It's the V showdown we've been waiting for: Anna vs. Erica!

TVGuide.com: What does the episode title "Red Sky" mean?
I can't say. I wish I could.

TVGuide.com: Fans of the original miniseries might suspect the red-dust weapon being used or discovered.
Yes, they might suspect that. [Laughs] That is true, but it is highly secretive. It is something that we will find out about at the very end of the episode, and we'll want to know more about it. Unfortunately, that's part of the big crazy ending I can't reveal.

TVGuide.com: Will Erica be physically throwing down with Anna in the finale or is it more of a verbal, strategic battle?
Elizabeth Mitchell:
Physical things will happen. There will be some physical activities and there will be casualties on both sides, some pretty big ones, but it will not be just a verbal exchange. There will be action taken, which is good because that's what I like to see when it comes to our show.

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TVGuide.com: Can you say whether any characters are safe?
The truth is, the things that both sides are trying to accomplish are fairly huge, and there's no way they can accomplish any of them without there being casualties. Absolutely no one is safe. I know you always say that to tease on shows, but that's very much the truth. I think Father Jack [Joel Gretsch] is OK. His life was in danger at the end of the mini-four episode arc, so I think he's OK.

TVGuide.com: With all these casualties, I'm assuming the family dinner doesn't go well then?
[Laughs] It depends on whose perspective you're looking at. I think dinner will be far more eventful than we anticipate. I do indeed get myself up on the ship and there's actually some pretty heartbreaking stuff that happens. It's the finale; you have to pull out all the stops.

TVGuide.com: Where does the line fall for Erica between protecting the human race and protecting her son, Tyler (Logan Huffman)?
I think she considers it one and the same. Because her son is so visceral and so close, she's more apt to do more damage if he's directly involved. Her son is pretty lucky to have her because she's pretty even-headed about the whole thing, but this is one of the first times we'll see her directly take action. The repercussions are pretty huge.

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TVGuide.com: Does Erica think Tyler's girlfriend, Lisa (Laura Vandervoort), has good intentions?
Right now, I don't know if she thinks she does or not. She's very on the fence as far as who Lisa is. That may change as the show goes on, but I don't believe that Erica thinks Lisa is someone to be trusted when we start the finale. Lisa has a very big role in which way things go, so it'll be interesting to see what Lisa does.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our interview with Mitchell where she talks about her return to Lost for the series finale.

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