Alison Pill said she doesn't believe the Republican party would accept an openly gay female right-wing politician in today’s climate.

The former child actress, who portrays Dick Cheney’s second daughter Mary in the political biopic “Vice,” told Fox News there is no way Mary would be supported by any party if she were in politics today.

“No. I think again the same issues have gotten even more stringent – you know the kind of boxes that people are in where she would not be liberal enough to be a gay candidate for a liberal, and she’s gay so most conservatives would write her off automatically,” Pill, 33, told Fox News Tuesday at the “Vice” world premiere in Beverly Hills, Calif.

“Maybe there’s a tiny market somewhere in a slightly more urban, midwestern state – that combination would work, and I wish you could have somebody who’s fiscally conservative and legitimately doesn’t want taxes and is also gay, and that would be okay,” she added.

The “Newsroom” alum took things a step further and noted that in researching Cheney’s history she believes that had it not been for Mary’s sexual preferences, she would have been the ultimate GOP representative.

“I think in reading her memoir and in thinking and talking it over with ['Vice' director] Adam [McKay] – we realized that she, probably more than her sister [Liz], would have been a perfect politician,” Pill explained. “If she wasn’t a Republican and gay, it could have been a different story for her. And the kind of pain of that, ‘Aww, man – if there’s only a world where you can be more than one thing.’”

Richard Cheney, as US Vice President, sworn in by Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, as wife Lynne and daughters Mary and Elizabeth watch, US Capitol, Washington DC in 2005. (AP)

Liz Cheney, 52, has held numerous positions in the U.S. State Department and the George W. Bush administration and briefly challenged three-term incumbent Mike Enzi for the Senate in Wyoming in 2014 before dropping out of the race.

In November, Liz Cheney was re-elected as the only member of the House of Representatives from Wyoming, defeating Democrat Greg Hunter.