Twitter abuzz with Disney-Lucas mashups

Movie nerds went nuts on Twitter upon hearing the news Tuesday that Disney was buying Lucasfilm for $4.05 billion. Many were psyched about the prospect of three new "Star Wars" movies, starting with the tentatively titled "Episode 7" in 2015, while others were worried that the Disney empire would ruin the Evil Empire.

Either way, fans had fun thinking up mashups of these two cultural institutions, flooding Twitter feeds with the hashtag "DisneyStarWars." Among the most amusing mixes:
  -- When You Wish Upon a Death Star.
  -- Finding Greedo.
  -- Song of the Sith.
  -- Lando and the Tramp.
  -- Snow White and the Seven Droids.
  -- The Princess Leia Diaries.
  -- Emperor Palpatine's New Groove.
  -- The Wookiee.
  -- Beauty and the Boba Fett.
  -- Lilo & Sith.
  -- The Fox and the Han Solo.
  -- Droid Story.
  -- Jabba the Pooh.
  -- Bambi Wan Kenobi.
  -- Chitty Chitty Death Star.
  -- That's So Vader.