'The Willis Family' kids all want lots of kids, too

The Duggars may have some serious competition. The Willis’ are the latest large family – 14 members to be exact – to hit reality TV with their new show on TLC, “The Willis Family,” debuting May 5th.  Three of the Willis' -- Jess, Jeremiah and Jennifer -- sat down with FOX411 to talk about their “crazy awesome” family.

FOX411: Are you getting used to the Duggar comparison?

Jennifer Willis: Yeah. A lot of people compare us and actually we don’t watch much television so we don’t know that much about them. We just tried to be ourselves. We do what we do. Try not to make too many comparisons.

FOX411: You were discovered on “America’s Got Talent.” How has your life changed since?

Jess Willis: Actually we were on the ‘Today Show’ when they were having a “Sound of Music” competition trying to find a modern day Von Trapp family so we got started playing some of the covers from that musical on that show, and then some people from “America’s Got Talent” saw that, and we did the same number there – that number there has over 6 million views and that’s had a big impact on people coming to our shows. We’ve been touring for years with our own material and stuff. We’ll ask people, “How many people have seen us on ‘America’s Got Talent?’ And so many hands go up. So, it had a big impact.

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    FOX411: How would you describe your family?

    Jeremiah Willis: In a word it would be crazy followed closely by awesome.

    FOX411: Are your parents planning on any more kids?

    Jess: No, they officially said they passed down the torch to us probably us three.

    Jennifer: Before they got married they talked about having kids and they said they wanted a big family, and said, “What if we try for 12?”

    FOX411: Do you all want a big family?

    Jennifer: Yes for the most part. We all love kids. Growing up with so many siblings and a bunch of cousins we just totally love family and kids. My dad goes, “If all 12 of you had 12 kids that’s 144 kids. You kids could have an orchestra, a football team!”  Ok, Dad.

    FOX411: Since you’ve been touring and filming your reality show, who is the coolest celebrity you’ve met?

    Jeremiah: I don’t know.One cool thing was Charles from Lady Antebellum. We met him at the Grand Ole Opry and he was like, “Wait you guys are the Willis’? I know about you guys.” That was cool. That was awesome.