'The View' hosts 'Feeling the Bern' after Bernie Sanders sit-down

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Much of Wednesday's episode of “The View” could have been mistaken for a campaign rally for Bernie Sanders, who appeared on the morning show after winning the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday night.

As Sanders came out the crowd stood, applauded and chanted “Bernie, Bernie, Bernie.”

He hugged the co-hosts as he made his way on to the set and sat down to chat politics.

“We are so honored that he is making this his first stop right after that huge win,” host Whoopi Goldberg said as Sanders walked out on to the stage.

The “View” ladies steered clear of anything too controversial, choosing instead to ask Sanders some lighter questions, such as what he thinks of the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor created in his honor.

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    Host Raven Symone praised Sanders and thanked him for his views before presenting him with the ice cream carton and a spoon.

    “Mmm,” he said taking a big bite and holding up the carton. “It’s really good. This is the first time I’ve tasted it.”

    Host Joy Behar later praised a skit Sanders did alongside Larry David after a brief clip was shown.

    “That’s funny,” Behar remarked of the clip, smiling at Sanders.

    The cast of “The View” also played a quick game of basketball with Sanders before he left the set.

    “The View” did draw Sanders out on education, gun control, the Flint water crisis and the possibility of Michael Bloomberg entering the race. They also asked Sanders about negative comments Bill Clinton made about him.

    “I was disappointed by Bill Clinton… let’s keep it on the issues and not [make it personal],” Sanders said of Clinton’s comments.

    After Sanders left the set, the group was all smiles and seemed to be "Feeling the Bern" as they discussed their chat with the presidential hopeful.

    Even Candace Cameron Bure, who is known for her conservative standpoint on the show, noted after Sanders’ sit down that though she does not agree with the candidate’s views, she was pleased with his appearance on the chat show.

    “I enjoyed it very much,” she said of the group’s interview. “I think he presented himself very well.”