The Band Perry doesn't want to label their new sound

Sibling trio The Band Perry recently released a hint of their first pop album “My Bad Imagination” with the single “Stay In The Dark." Fox News caught up with the band to discuss what inspired this upcoming pop collection.

Fox News: What inspired you to do a pop album after several country albums?
Kimberly Perry: It’s no secret to anybody that the last year has been a huge transition year for the three of us.  Everybody always asks, did you decide that you wanted to make a pop album? And we say, you know what? We really just follow the music. We didn't make a country album, we didn't set out to make a pop album, we made a Band Perry record. We brought a couple of songs over the last year to country radio and they said - well you know you guys have always pushed the limits, this one might be a little bit too far. So we're just looking to take these songs to the right home and the fans are loving them. The response to “Stay in the Dark” which came out yesterday has just been a huge outpouring of love and support and even way more than we were imagining. So it's really special for us and it's a cool moment with our fans.

Fox News: So how is it different? Not just sound, but the whole experience?
Kimberly Perry: We always judge things by our live show because when we grew up in Alabama everything we did from the get go was live performance, right before we were writing songs, before we were doing interviews, we would just be on stage doing Led Zeppelin covers. So for us the new music just feels really really good on stage.

Fox News: Has what you’re singing about changed too, because so many things have happened in your life?
Kimberly Perry: Oh it's still Band Perry lyrics.
Reid Perry: Yeah they’re very much underdog, and fighter spirit about it, just with more fun beats to dance to.
Kimberly Perry: I tell you what, we were more motivated to write the lyrics on this album than any other and I can't wait for you guys to hear it.

Check out video above for more of our interview with The Band Perry.