‘The Bachelorette’ recap: The men confront James about his scheme, 3 guys sent home in Barcelona

Just when you thought the “Bachelorette” villain was gone this season…

James Case went and took the place of last week’s send-off, Ben Scott, after some of the men overheard James telling fellow contestant Mikey Tenerelli that he hoped to be in the final four to better his chances of becoming the next Bachelor.

According to Drew Kenney, James thought the other men were asleep while he was detailing his sleazy scheme to Mikey, as well as excitedly planning all of the women they were going to hook up with and clubs they were going to get into with their newfound “Bachelorette” fame.

“It sounds like you’re auditioning for the 'Jersey Shore,' quite frankly,” Michael Garafola told James during a planned confrontation with Drew, Kasey Stewart and Chris Siegfried this week in Barcelona.  Of course Michael ALWAYS needs to get involved in the drama.

James was immediately defensive and denied the content of his conversation with Mikey.

“I was just kidding around,” he said angrily. “I didn’t bring that up. Mikey did. So get that through your mind.”

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With a slew of profanity, James told the group that they were putting words in his mouth.

“I said if you make the final four, you could possibly be the next Bachelor—worst comes to worst,” he said. “It’s guy talk.”

Drew decided to tell Bachelorette Des Hartsock about James’ sneaky plan while on their one-on-one date.

Des got really angry and confronted James after a soccer game group date, where he sulked around and refused to play goalie, resulting in a win for the other team.

“The girls, the boat, it wasn’t me who brought this up,” James told Des. “Mikey and I [are] two different people.  Des, I have feelings for you. Period.”

Des told James she needed a day to think about things.

“I trust them,” she said through tears. “But then I trust you.  It’s tough.”

On Des’ day to mull things over, she took goofball Zak Waddell to an art workshop where they painted and sketched with live models posing in front of them.

After a romantic dinner, per usual, Zak got a rose. Snooze.

The next day, Des took James aside for a chat and decided not to send him home for the time being. What?!

“He just lays on such a sweetness that there’s no way I can let him go,” she said. “I just need more time to think about it on my own. I don’t want any more guys getting into my head about James. This is going to sound really bad, but I almost resent the guys for putting this on me.”

Des changed her mind, though, and reversed her decision by the time the rose ceremony came around, because she sent home James, as well as Kasey and fan-favorite Juan Pablo Galavis.

“I got bullied right out the door,” James said fuming in the limo to the airport. “I just became the next Ben. How did I come off to be such a bad person? Why me?”