'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham arrested for DUI

Another arrest for a Teen Mom. The 21-year-old mom to Sophia was caught up in some legal trouble on March 19 when she was arrested for allegedly driving under the influence in Nebraska.

The Teen Moms are no stranger to legal troubles, but the latest arrest came from an unusual suspect — Farrah Abraham. The 21-year-old was pulled over in the early morning of March 19 when she was driving and made a wide turn — almost hitting a police car, TMZ is reporting.

Although she avoided colliding with the police cruiser, Farrah was reportedly pulled over and given a field sobriety test by police, which she reportedly failed miserably. She was also given a breathalyzer test  and blew a .147 — nearly twice the legal limit of .08 in Nebraska, according to TMZ.

Fortunately, Farrah’s daughter Sophia, 4, was not with her in the car at the time.

Farrah Abraham Reveals Dangerous Past With Drinking & Drugs

Even though she just turned 21 last May, the "Teen Mom" alum is no stranger to drinking, and even said she used alcohol to cope with the severe depression she experienced after her daughter Sophia was born — especially thinking about how Sophia’s dad Derrick passed away in 2008.

“When I drank, I’d be happy for 10 minutes,” Farrah told InTouch magazine in August. “When I got high, I’d feel a sense of nothingness for about an hour. But in the end, my negative emotions always came rushing back.”

She claimed she sought help for her depression and drinking, but it looks like she still has some work to do.