Ted Nugent shows protested over singer's controversial remarks

Not everyone is a fan of Ted Nugent.

The singer's upcoming show at the Minnesota Fair on Friday is being protested by a group of Freeborn County residents, and his show in Illinois is also causing a stir.

Protesters in Minnesota are demanding the fair cancel Nugent's concert because of comments they say are inflammatory and promote intolerance and racism.

The "Choose Civility" campaign aims to make their Freeborn a "kinder community."

One of the residents involved in the campaign wrote a letter to community leaders to stop Nugent's show.

"The fair reflects the values of the entire county, and having Ted Nugent perform at the fair would reflect tolerance of racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny, xenophobia, ableism, and incivility toward people who protest his remarks or cancel his shows," former social studies teacher Jennifer Vogt-Erickson wrote, the Star Tribune reports.

Nugent is also scheduled to play a show in Peoria, Illinois, this Saturday, but Bug Light announced on Wednesday it has pulled out as sponsor for the show due to social media outrage over Nugent's remarks.

Nugent is known for his often-controversial comments at his shows. In 2007, he called Obama a "piece of s--t." He also referred to Obama as a "communist educated sub-human mongrel."

When he later apologized for his remarks he added Obama should "suck on my machine gun."

The singer responded to the recent backlash in a post on Facebook.

He wrote, "Clearly I am doing God's work as the America hating lying Saul Alinsky scumdogs are all pissed off...Watch the devils squirm! Hopefully we will get photos/vid of the dopey protestors with their American Communist Party regalia xposing their disdain for personal hygiene. Precious!(sic)"

A rep for Nugent did not return FOX411's request for comment.