#TBT: Cringe-worthy video shows Bill Cosby eying Sofia Vergara

It’s a #TBT that should have stayed in the past.

A long-forgotten video of Bill Cosby interviewing Sofia Vergara during a 2003 “Late Show” episode has started to make its rounds online and his leering at the actress is as creepy as it sounds.

Vergara, then 30, seemed to mesmerize the now-embattled comedian when she walked onstage sporting a brightly colored, deep-cut dress. It was one of her first late night television appearances before her hit “Modern Family.”

“I look at you and think only of sin,” Cosby, now 78, tells Vergara. “What you have on tonight is wonderful. This is just wonderful. When you walked out, many people became attentive.”

Then, making fun of the “Modern Family” actress’s Colombian accent and leaning into her, he said: “You make me feel young again. You make me feel very (pause) excited. Look at me.”

A visibly uncomfortable Vergara laughs and shot back, “Don’t die on me!”

“This is my first time on American TV. Don’t die here! But maybe if you do die I will be very famous. Tomorrow everybody will know me. Bill Cosby died interviewing Sofia Vergara,” she said.

At the time, nobody thought much of his actions, but the numerous allegations against Cosby for sexual misconduct make his interaction with Vergara cringe-worthy.

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