Tarek El Moussa reveals stepfather's cancer is in remission

"Flip or Flop" star Tarek El Moussa took to Instagram to share happy news with his fans.

"CANCER FREE!" he began revealing his stepfather is in remission after battling the same type of cancer the reality star had.

"After a few rounds of chemo, he is cancer free and in remission," El Moussa shared alongside a picture of his children and stepfather on the beach. "He's gaining weight... getting his hair back... and back to his old self."

El Moussa was diagnosed with stage 2 thyroid cancer in 2013 after a concerned viewer who was a registered nurse noticed a lump on the star's neck during a "Flip or Flop" marathon.

"Cancer is so scary and the best thing a cancer survivor can hear is in remission!!!! The grandkids love him so much," he concluded.

The HGTV star also shared news of "Flip or Flop" regular Frank "The Tank's" cancer battle earlier in May.

"[Frank's] been fighting multiple cancers for many years, even while filming our show, and he's still putting up the fight of his life," El Moussa shared on Instagram May 11.