Tara Reid's Adventures in Bra-Bowling, Desi Galli's Turkey Biryani Recipe, and Much, Much More

Here's what all the hubbub's about:

Judging by her Instagram account, "Sharknado" actress Tara Reid went bowling in just a bra on Tuesday night (below). It should be noted, however, that the Professional Bowler's Association does not recognize a bra as proper bowling attire, namely because it provides her cleavage with no protection from the scalding nacho cheese sauce that players often purchase from the snack window.

Hungry for something a little more dynamic than your usual dinner fare? Try a plate of turkey biryani, loaded with tender chunks of seasoned meat and fragrant basmati rice. Watch the video above to see how NYC restaurant Desi Galli prepares this satisfying meal,

Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey welcomed their second child on Monday, a baby girl they named Brooklyn Elisabeth Lachey. In addition to having famous parents, little Brooklyn is also cursed with having a very strong idea of where her parents conceived her.

British musician FKA Twigs (also Robert Pattinson's current girlfriend) posed topless for the latest issue of V magazine (below), wearing nothing but a pair of flesh-tone underwear. Unless you count the several pounds of metallic jewelry protruding from her face, neck and chest:

Courtney Love is reportedly gearing up to star in an off-off-Broadway production of a musical-theater piece called "Kansas City Choir Boy." Not much is known about the new play, but critics will likely consider it a rousing success if Love simply manages to remain conscious for the duration of the performance.

Much like (Marky) Mark Wahlberg did in 1992, Justin Bieber has supplemented his music career with a gig modeling underwear for Calvin Klein (below). Unlike Wahlberg, however, Bieber seems to be lacking the foreseeable ability to parlay this job into a successful, critically acclaimed career.

After revealing that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds welcomed a child in late December, Us Weekly is now reporting that their baby is a girl. We don't know about you, but we can't wait until Us finally confirms whether this tiny human has a face, or feet.

Upon hearing a story about Kim Kardashian turning down a little girl's request for an autograph, Charlie Sheen took to Twitter to tell her she's "lucky that ANYONE cares about your gross and giggly bag of funk you dare call an a[**]." We're not sure Kim deserved that kind of rage, though it's nice to see Sheen being his old self again.

On Tuesday evening, Marvel debuted the first official trailer for "Ant-Man," starring Paul Rudd as the titular insectoid-superhero and Michael Douglas as the guy who's just around for a few minutes to cash his huge Marvel Studios paycheck:

According to the Daily Mail, former flames Katy Perry and John Mayer went to dinner and spent the night together this past weekend. But before we all start pointing fingers, let's remember the wise old saying from the Bible: "Let she who hasn't rebounded with an ex be the first to cast a stone." (We think that's how it went, anyway).

On Tuesday night's episode of "The Tonight Show," Nicole Kidman revealed to Jimmy Fallon that she once had a crush on him, but he blew his chances after they met and he acted too casual and quiet. Funny how it never occured to Kidman that Fallon simply didn't want to date her.

And finally, actress Gaby Hoffman of HBO's "Girls" told People magazine that she drank smoothies made from her own placenta after giving birth, which she credits with helping her lactate and boosting her energy. And, if she videotaped the process, it would also serve as a wildly effective audition tape for "Fear Factor."