Tan Mom disses Teen Mom in terrible new single, “It’s My Party”

Patricia “Tan Mom” Krentcil is doing a good job at stretching out her 15 minutes of fame.

After making her musical debut in May with “It’s Tan Mom,” the golden brown pop diva has now returned with an official follow up called “It’s My Party.” Tan Mom takes a page out of Kendrick Lamar’s book for the clubby track by not only rapping, but also dissing. The target of Tan Mom’s vitriol is none other than Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham, who met Tan Mom during a stint in rehab last month with fellow Z-lister, Michael Lohan. The pair allegedly got into a fight after Teen Mom was caught calling the paparazzi and taking photos of Tan Mom during group therapy:

Teen Mom was subsequently kicked out of the program early, while Tan Mom stayed and got sober.

From Malibu to Jersey Shore / don’t do anal, not a whore,” Tan Mom sings, obviously referring to Farrah’s infamous ‘Backdoor Teen Mom’ sex tape. “Wanna see something icky / look up Farrah on the Wiki / she’s a back door tragedy / needs a personality.

Well, we can’t argue with that.

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Funnily enough, Farrah actually has a pop career of her own. Last year, she released My Teenage Dream Has Ended as a musical accompaniment to her autobiography of the same name. The tabloid media predictably trashed it for its cheap production and heavy autotune, but it became a surprise hit with music critics: The Village Voice compared it to the work of indie witch-house band, Salem, while The Guardian ranked it No. 32 on their list of the best albums of 2012.

Who needs Katy and GaGa when you’ve got Teen Mom and Tan Mom?

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