'Survivor: Caramoan' finale: Who won and who was pulled from the game?

Sunday's finale of "Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs. Favorites" opened with a shocking twist (and no, we're not talking about Brenda's ouster last week). Erik, leaving Tribal Council, tells his fellow castaways that he's feeling dizzy and disoriented, enough so that host Jeff Probst calls the show's doctor over to take a look. And apparently Erik's complaints of hunger last week weren't just whining. The physician immediately diagnoses Erik as being in a starvation state, hooks him up to an IV and pulls him from the game. That leaves four competitors with three days remaining: Dawn, Cochran, Eddie and Sherri. Who won? Keep reading to find out. (And side note: Who would have thought that, of all the contestants, Sherri and Eddie would be among the final four? Wild!)

At the first reward challenge — a Jenga-esque puzzle plus a balancing competition — the contestants go back and forth until Cochran finally emerges victorious, winning an advantage in the final immunity challenge.

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As it gets down to the wire, Cochran is grateful that Dawn's daily breakdown is more of the "catatonic" variety, rather than "flailing." "Every day's a rollercoaster with her, and it's not fun," he admits, assuring Dawn that he won't vote her off, while at the same time privately acknowledging that she's his primary target.

Ahead of the final immunity challenge, in keeping with "Survivor" tradition, the finalists reflect on their fallen comrades one by one. (How else are they going to stretch this out to two hours?!)

And then at the challenge itself, Cochran — perhaps buoyed by the advantage he had won earlier — emerges victorious, guaranteeing himself a spot in the final three. "There is a little devil on my shoulder that's saying, 'Man, I just want to get rid of Dawn,'" he confesses.

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Heading into Tribal Council, Cochran says his pick for second place is between Dawn and Eddie ("a chauvinistic 23-year-old idiot"). Each pleads their own case at tribal, with Sherri chiming in as well. In the final vote, it's Eddie whose torch is snuffed, a sign that Cochran apparently thinks he's not the only one who's been irritated with Dawn's frequent outbursts.

As the final three — Cochran, Dawn and Sherri — enjoy a last celebratory breakfast, complete with mimosas, sausage and pancakes, and reflect on their own accomplishments throughout the season. But Cochran says he feels "frazzled." "Law school hasn't prepared me for this," he admits. "You'd think it would. Sorry, Harvard. You haven't really taught me that much about how to address a jury."

So, how did he do? The final three make their opening statements to the jury, and Sherri can barely get through hers, overcome with emotion and nervousness. (We also learn that she owns several businesses and is apparently already a millionaire. What?!) And then it's the jury's turn to ask questions.

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From the interrogations, it's clear that everyone is trying to decide between Cochran and Dawn. Phillip rescinds Sherri's Stealth R Us membership, tells Dawn that he has no tolerance for her behavior, and calls Cochran a "class act." Erik, in the interest of "enlightening" Sherri, says that no one respects her and describes her as a "seashell" in the game. (Ouch!) Reynold calls Dawn "a complete fraud" and forces her to describe herself in three adjectives. Brenda asks Dawn how she could blindside her after Brenda located her retainer before forcing Dawn to take her bottom teeth out and show everyone so that she could share in Brenda's heartbreak a bit.

And then it's the final vote, read at the live reunion special back in the States. And the winner of "Survivor: Caramoan — Fans vs. Favorites" is ... John Cochran, who received all five of the first votes that were read.

Cochran told The Hollywood Reporter he will likely invest most of his $1 million prize money, adding that he may make at least one impulsive purchase.

"...I kind of want to get a Segway, as lame as that it. I don't know how often I'd use it, but I'd like to just ride around on one," he said.

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