Stacy Keibler's Near-Nude Maternity Photo and Kristin McGee's Tush-Toning Exercises

Here's everything that's going on out there:

Perhaps because her maternity wear was in the wash, but more likely because everybody else is doing it, Stacy Keibler shared a near-nude maternity photo on her website (below) in which she's wearing only a flimsy lacy top.

Speaking of people with flawless figures, we recently caught up with fitness expert Kristin McGee for a few tips on toning up. Watch the video above to learn her three simple exercises for getting a bodacious backside.

On Monday night, Lindsay Lohan reportedly insisted on taking the ice bucket challenge in the middle of a NYC night club, but nobody remembered to film it. So instead of raising awareness for ALS sufferers, Lohan raised awareness for people who have absolutely no awareness of what's going on. (To her credit, Lindsay later completed the challenge on "The Tonight Show.")

The new ad campaign for Tom Ford's fragrance, Black Orchid, features a nude Cara Delevingne (below) floating in a pool of purple orchids, probably because purple shows up better on film, but also because who cares. Look at naked Cara Delevingne!

Page Six reports that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are close to separating. According to their sources, Carey thinks Nick is trying to cheat on her every chance he gets, and Nick is trying to cheat on her every chance he gets.

"Spring Breakers" actress Vanessa Hudgens posed for the cover of Flaunt magazine's "distress issue" in a crop top and ripped jeans (below). But if you can look past her incredible abs, you'll notice she's sporting undoubtedly "Taylor Swift"-like hair and makeup. (Note to Swift: Rent "Single White Female." Tonight.)

E! News reports that Michelle Rodriguez and Zac Efron have split up after just two months of dating. We understand that these things happen, but it's still a shame we'll never see the unbelievable abs their children would have inherited.

On Wednesday, Emmy producers announced that Billy Crystal will present a special tribute to friend and frequent Comic Relief co-host Robin Williams. It should prove to be quite sentimental, especially if Crystal doesn't remind the audience of their mediocre 1997 film "Father's Day."

Christian Bale and Cate Blanchett have both signed on to star in "Jungle Book: Origins," an upcoming motion-capture/live-action/computer-animated adaptation of "The Jungle Book." And hopefully, the "origins" part will cover how they convinced two Oscar-winning actors to star in this thing.

The NFL is reporting trying to enter into a "pay to play" deal with potential Super Bowl half-time performers (rumored candidates include Coldplay, Rihanna and Katy Perry), whereby the artists will have to make a financial contribution to the NFL if they want the gig. But if the NFL is simply looking to offset production costs, might we instead suggest hiring Cigo, the Croatian one-man band?

Alexis Arquette, the transgendered sister of David, Patricia and Rosanna Arquette, is claiming that she had sex with actor Jared Leto back when she was still identifying as male, which was also around the time that Jared Leto was still identifying as "that guy from that show with Claire Danes."

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin reportedly went on a romantic date at a vineyard in New York, where they sampled wine, watched the sunset, and probably tossed around a few ideas for their couple name/portmanteau (e.g. Brangelina or Bennifer), should things get serious. We like "Jennifris."

And finally, a Montreal restaurant called Brutus has found a way to work bacon into every dish on their menu. It has also found a way, albeit unwittingly, to make the upstairs neighbor's apartment smell like a pork processing facility.