Source: Jealous Rachel Zoe Has Taylor Jacobson Kicked Out of NYC Club

After four years of working together on the reality show “The Rachel Zoe Project,” Zoe hit the headlines when she abruptly fired her assistant Taylor Jacobson in November last year – and it seems the feud is still on fire.

Both Jacobson and Zoe hit up New York hotspot the Boom Boom Boom room on the weekend, but apparently Zoe wasn’t prepared to share the same space as her former prodigy.

“Rachel Zoe was there with her husband Rodger (Berman), and giving Taylor dirty looks,” dished our insider. “She then had her kicked out of the bar! Taylor was escorted out by three huge security guards.”

We’re told Ms. Zoe is pretty peeved that Taylor is developing her own jeans line with conjunction with denim brand Kasil jeans.

A rep for Zoe did not respond for comment.

And while Jacobson was probably pretty miffed, it doesn’t sound as though the bubbly blonde let the incident bother her too much.

“Thanks for the support everyone!! Just got back from ny,” she Tweeted on Tuesday. “Think I'm even more in love with that city! Love it there!!”

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