Sofia Vergara reveals she sleeps naked

Sofia Vergara appeared on Wednesday's "Tonight Show," and teamed up with host Jimmy Fallon for a game of Catchphrase. However, the "Hot Pursuit" actress didn't seem super psyched.

"You always make me do these weird American games that I don't know how to play," Sofia joked, looking a bit timid. Jimmy tried to explain the rules but the "Modern Family" star still had her difficulties with the game.

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Jimmy and Sofia went up against "Tonight Show" announcer Steve Higgins and his partner James Marsden -- and it didn't really well for anyone involved. Turns out, celebrities aren't so good at Catchphrase.

Although, we did get to learn some revealing things about Sofia. When it was her turn to have Jimmy guess the phrase "birthday suit," her first clue was, "My outfit for sleeping."

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    When Jimmy guessed "flannel pajamas," Sofia responded with, "No. Look at me."

    Jimmy tried yet again to narrow it down by guessing "lingerie," to which the 42-year-old actress replied, "No! Better than that. Less than that!"

    So apparently Sofia sleeps in her "birthday suit." Hopefully it doesn't get too drafty in that new house she got with fiancé Joe Manganiello.

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    Jimmy didn't end up guessing "birthday suit", but the duo won anyway.

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