Sir Anthony Hopkins takes up painting, showcasing art in Las Vegas

Sir Anthony Hopkins is renowned for his acting, but he is less known for his works of art. A new exhibit at the Jeff Mitchum Galleries, located at the MGM Grand and the Bellagio in Las Vegas, showcases his limited edition prints and original acrylic oil works.

"My wife encouraged me, my wife Stella," Hopkins told us of picking up painting 12 years ago. "And I had no idea that I'd end up being a painter and having exhibitions."

Many of the "Westworld" star's pieces feature abstract human faces with vibrant, garish colors. The actor, who has no formal instruction in painting, describes his artistic process to us.

"A friend of mine, Stan Winston, who created 'Jurassic Park,' was a bona fide artist. He's dead now, sadly, but he saw my paintings and...he said, 'Don't train. Don't do it...just do it.' So that's what I do, with music, painting, with acting. And I leave it to the judgment to the audience or the observer to make up their mind about it whether they like it or not, that’s up to them."

Painting is a way for Hopkins to clear his mind.

"Don’t think so much, just do it. That’s all we do, we get killed by thinking now" Hopkins said.