Scott Eastwood doesn't talk politics like his famous dad

Unlike his dad Clint Eastwood, Scott Eastwood won’t talk about politics “at all.”

“I don’t do them. I don’t do politics. At all,” he told Fox News.

Scott Eastwood, 32, has been doing press interviews to promote his upcoming film, “Pacific Rim Uprising.” The movie hits theaters on Friday.

The actor said the movie, which is a follow-up to Guillermo del Toro’s 2013 hit “Pacific Rim,” is a “great escape with a great message at the center of it.”

He continued, “The message is we set aside our differences no matter who we are [and] where we’re from; we come together to fight a world problem.”

The film has been rumored to have a shot at dethroning box office champion “Black Panther” this weekend.

Star John Boyega is hopeful the film will be a hit.

“Oh, I hope we join the train in the success, you know, but who knows? Man, my fingers are crossed. I hope it does very, very, very well,” he told Fox News.

Eastwood plays a Jaeger pilot in the film, but Boyega wouldn’t trust him in the cockpit.

“Both Scott Eastwood and Harrison Ford are the two actors I would never allow to fly me anywhere,” he joked.

“Pacific Rim Uprising” hits theaters on Friday.