Rob Riggle misses Super Bowl pop quiz question, still gets to stay at Bud Light Hotel

Rob Riggle looks like he could have played pro football.

But he did not.

The burly former Marine and 'FOX NFL Sunday’ host is merely a spectator, like the rest of us, for Super Bowl XXLIIGHRT (whatever letters add up to 48).

Except for one important difference: he gets to spend his days leading up to the Super Bowl at the Bud Light Hotel, a Norwegian Cruise ship docked in New York City for the days leading up to the big game.

“I haven’t seen my room, but I imagine it’s a palatial suite, probably 4,000 square feet, I’m guessing,” Riggle told FOX411. “I could be wrong.”

Of course the Bud Light Hotel is no ordinary cruise ship, and may in fact be the biggest party boat of all time.

“Every year Bud Light takes over a hotel in the host city of the Super Bowl. This year they brought their own hotel,” Riggle explained. “There’s going to be a lot of functions going on, a lot of parties, a lot of concerts.”

Big concerts, with bands including the Foo Fighers, Zac Brown Band, and Fall Out Boy. All leading up to the biggest football game of the year. And while Riggle’s beloved Kansas City Chiefs have already been eliminated (in the first round by a single point by the Indianapolis Colts), Riggle still thinks football is just aces.

“I don’t know if it’s so much that all the other sports suck, it’s just that football is the best sport there is. It doesn’t get any better,” Riggle said. “It’s the highest level of competition. It’s gladiatorial. If you look at the stadiums of today and the Coliseum of old, it’s gladiatorial.”

Given Riggle’s enthusiasm for the sport, we decided to spring a Super Bowl Pop Quiz on him. Click the video above to see how he did, and what he got wrong.