Republicans and Democrats Like Different TV Shows, Study Says

Republicans' favorite television show is "Glenn Beck," while Democrats say they tune in most to "Countdown With Keith Olberman."

That's according to a study by consumer research firm Experian Simmons.

While those two findings may not surprise many, some of the other shows that registered voters from each party say are their favorites, may.

For instance, Republicans' fourth favorite? "American Idol."

Democrats'? "Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami."

Republicans' eighth pick? "Survivor."

Democrats'? "30 Rock."

Nine of the top 15 GOP favorites were scripted shows, compared to 13 out of 15 for the Democrats.

Republicans also tended to like top-rated programs, while Democrats ticked toward smaller, cult hits.

But lest one think there is no common ground between the TV-watching members of each party, Experian Simmons noted that many Republicans liked many of the Democrats' favorites, and many of the Democrats watched the GOP's hits.

Maybe President Obama could look to shows like "The Good Wife" and "Dancing With the Stars," programs enjoyed by many in both party, as means to unite the divided electorate?

Weave a "Good Wife" plot line into a speech, say?

Perform a spirited rumba with the First Lady at the next state dinner?

Stranger things have happened.