Real-life 'Green Acres:' New York Tuminaro family moves to Montana to open gun shop

Louie Tuminaro uprooted his family from Long Island, New York, for greener pastures in Hamilton, Montana. If that sounds like the plot of "Green Acres," that's because it basically is.

Tuminaro and his colorful family turned their move into a reality show called "The Gunfather" on Outdoor Channel. He spoke to FOX411 about his decision to sell his businesses, drop everything and start dealing, selling and restoring collectible firearms.

"I was just kind of out one day, and I was fishing and I came home and I just said to my wife, 'I want to move to Montana and I want to buy and sell guns and have the nicest gun shop in the west," Tuminaro told FOX411. "I said it exactly like that and she kind of looked at me like, 'Okay what are you doing,' but 2 to 3 hours later we had a computer in the common room...and we were looking at properties in Montana."

It was that simple. The Tuminaros headed west and settled in a town of less-than 5,000 people. Coming from Long Island, it was a big change.

Lou Tuminaro of "The Gunfather."

Lou Tuminaro of "The Gunfather." (Outdoor Channel)

"It was the biggest thing I've ever done my entire life," he said. "At first it seemed great....then we got here and it hit me like, 'Oh my God, what did I just do?' I mean, I was a little scared, I was nervous I moved to a place where I didn’t have anyone. I had no friends, we left our family in New was very hard on the whole family."

While the Montana way of life was a big adjustment for the family, Tuminaro explained that opening a gun shop was in his blood.

"I grew up with guns in my home. What we’re doing as a family is how we were born and raised," he explained. "You know, we're all about the Second Amendment. That's what we're about, that's how we were born and raised, that's how I raised my children and that's how they'll raise their children. We're letting the world know that firearms are fun. That you can use them with your family and respect them at the same time."

It is those values that the Tuminaros put on display in their reality show. While it was Louie who came up with the idea for the show, without his wife Theresa, "The Gunfather" would never have been picked up.

"Behind every guy is a great woman and Theresa isn't behind me, she's right next to me," Tuminaro said. "I look at Theresa and say to her, 'I want to do a TV show'...and she dry calls Outdoor Channel and happens to get...the executive producer of the network and pitches the show to him."

Entering its second season airing Dec. 28 on Outdoor Channel, Tuminaro teased fans can expect a lot more "special moments."

"Season 1 was an introduction it was great....this year it’s all about the family. Now you're seeing my family engaged in what we do together. You’re going to be seeing me and my dad having special moments. 3 generations between me, my dad and my son shooting together, walking through a gun show together. I think this year is going to be an absolutely amazing season."