Paula Abdul on Geo Godley’s X Factor Striptease: There was Choking but no Throwing Up

Paula Abdul says she “started choking” as soon as she saw what Geo Godley was working with on the first episode on the hype-filled reality show The X Factor.

In an interview with The New York Post on Thursday Abdul clarifies that she did not vomit, but that she in fact did feel “really sick.”

“I started choking,” Abdul told The Post.  “I really needed to get out of there.”

Turns out right before Godley decided to flash his X Factor performance, Abdul and the rest of the judges were going to take a break and get some chow.

What a way to lose an appetite.

“Something wasn’t right,” Abdul said in the interview with the tabloid. “It was like, ‘This isn’t a real, serious contender.’ Then, when he started stripping, I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’”

All jokes aside, Abdul says that she was offended because there were minors and families in the audience enjoying the show. She says that this won’t be the only “shocking moment” but that “no one else decides to take their clothes off.”

“There were parents in the audience with their kids,” Abdul said. “Seeing them leave the arena was very frustrating.”

“It immediately turned into being very shocking and disgusting,” Abdul added.

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