Paris Hilton Launches 18th Fragrance, Gives Tips for Guys on Buying Perfume

Paris Hilton has worn many hats throughout her career, including that of a model, an actress, a DJ, and even And the entire time, she's been building a massive fragrance empire, culminating in the release of her new Paris Hilton Limited Anniversary Edition perfume.

"It's my 18th one, celebrating 10 years in the fragrance industry," she said during a visit to the FOX News Magazine studios. "The fragrance is so beautiful, very fruity and floral. So I can't wait for everyone to smell it."

Paris also opened up about her beginnings in the fragrance industry, as well as her commitment to ensuring a great experience.

"I'm involved every step of the way, from picking out the scent, picking out the name, helping design the bottle, and choosing what the campaign is," she added.

For more about Paris Hilton's new perfume — as well as her tips for any girls or guys on choosing a fragrance — be sure to watch the rest of our exclusive interview above.