Paris Hilton is Naked as Can Be, Gwyneth May Have Cheated on Her Challenge, and Much, Much More

Here's everything that's on our radar:

• Earlier this week, Paris Hilton shared a nude photo of herself on Instagram as some kind of promotion for "High Off My Love," her next single (below). But make no mistake, this isn't the song's cover art; Paris makes it perfectly clear that that photo is still forthcoming. So we're guessing she'll somehow be nuder on that one.

• Speaking of Paris, she's has worn many hats throughout her career, including that of a model, an actress, a DJ, and even But through it all, she's been building an amazing fragrance empire. Hear about her new Limited Anniversary Edition perfume in the video above, and stay tuned for her tips on buying a signature fragrance.

• At some kind of "Star Wars" symposium on Thursday, director J.J. Abrams unveiled the second trailer for "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" (below). In addition to being more enthralling than all three of the prequels combined, the preview also reveals that, while Han Solo might have gone completely gray, Chewbacca will still sport a full coat of beautiful chestnut hair.

• After declaring she'd be feeding herself for a whole week on just $29, Gwyneth Paltrow has been spotted cheating on the challenge at two L.A. eateries: Tavern and Animal. It's possible she only ate the free bread and sugar packets, but considering her gluten-free, sugar-free nature, we're willing to bet her digestive tract is filled with Tavern's locally-sourced kale.

• Selena Gomez shared a swimsuit photo from her Mexican vacation on Thursday, hashtagging the pic with the phrase "there's more to love" — maybe because she thinks she's fat or something? Who knows. In any case, get a look at Gomez, delusional as she may be, in her Instagram photo below.

• On Thursday morning in Dallas, the Lady Antebellum tour bus caught fire with lead singer Hillary Scott inside. She and her entourage managed to escape to safety unscathed, but the bus was said to be badly damaged. The silver lining? Lady Antebellum now has a Skynyrd-ish event to write a bunch of great songs about.

• During her Wednesday night concert in Vegas, Britney Spears overheard a fan in the crowd call her a "fat b****" so she responded by calling him a "f***ing a**hole" from the stage. It's just another example of the charming repartee fans can expect from Britney's Las Vegas shows! Get your tickets while they're hot, everybody!

• On Thursday, the Weinstein Company released the first teaser trailer for Quentin Tarantino's upcoming Western "The Hateful Eight." Or maybe it's "The H8ful Eight." It's kind of hard to tell from the preview, actually. "The Hateful 8," maybe? Or "The H8ful 8"? How exactly should we be spelling this, Quentin?

• "Penny Dreadful" actor Josh Hartnett said in a recent Playboy interview that he made a mistake by turning down the role of Batman in "Batman Begins." We're guessing Josh Hartnett's friends just let out a collective sigh of relief, as they're no longer forced to dance around the painfully obvious elephant in the room.

• According to Variety, Ryan Gosling is in negotiations to star in the long-awaited sequel to "Blade Runner," probably as the lead. If he's cast, audiences should be prepared to leave theaters confused about whether Gosling's character was a replicant all along, and also morally confused as to whether or not they'd still make out with him, if so.

• English supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley arrived for a Burberry event in L.A. wearing a plunging minidress (below), which, as FNM readers are acutely aware, are far and away our favorite types of minidresses. So have a look at that, please:

• As reported by Deadline, Sarah Jessica Parker will be returning to HBO in a new series called "Divorce," about a woman experiencing a painfully long divorce. How painfully long, you ask? Well, if "Sex and the City" was any indication, it'll probably be painfully long enough to last a few seasons past its prime.

• And finally, Ben and Jerry's is teaming up with the New Belgium Brewing Company to release a beer flavored like salted caramel brownie ice cream. After all, what good is a salted caramel brownie, or ice cream, if you can't get completely bonkers drunk off it?