Pam Anderson criticizes ALS ice bucket challenge

One celeb you won’t see being dunked with an ice bucket for the viral ALS challenge is Pamela Anderson. According to Us weekly the “Baywatch” star took to social media to criticize the charity campaign that has raised millions for Lou Gehrig’s disease research.

Earlier this week the longtime animal rights activist posted a Facebook message criticizing ALS researchers.

"Sorry, I can't bring myself to do your Ice bucket challenge," the post began. "I enjoy a good dare, It's always good to bring awareness - in fun, creative ways, I don't want to take away from that. I thought instead, I'd challenge ALS to stop animal testing."

The 47-year-old actress continued with claims describing how animals are used in scientific experiments.

"Recent experiments funded by the ALS Association, mice had holes drilled into their skulls, were inflicted with crippling illnesses, and were forced to run on an inclined treadmill until they collapsed from exhaustion. Monkeys had chemicals injected into their brains and backs and were later killed and dissected."

Anderson then quoted an FDA statistic stating that 92 out of 100 drugs that succeed in animal trials fail when used on humans.

"Trying to cure human diseases by relying on outdated and ineffective animal experiments isn’t only cruel—it’s a grave disservice to people who desperately need cures," she wrote.

Finally Anderson urged readers to “find and support charities that never harm animals.”