The New Yorker's June issue shows AG Barr, McConnell, Graham 'shining' Trump's shoes

The New Yorker took aim at Attorney General William Barr, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-KY, and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-SC, with its cover depicting them as shining President Trump's shoes.

The magazine unveiled its upcoming issue on Thursday, revealing the cover is dubbed "The Shining." The cartoon shows Barr, McConnell, and Graham all unhappily on their knees holding brushes as President Trump sits patiently as they buffer his leather shoes.


The upcoming issue isn't the first time the prestigious magazine has taken aim at Trump, while it also isn't the first time it has gone after Barr.

In a tweet posted earlier this month, the magazine showed an image of the White House with a giant toad on top of it and bearing Barr's face. "A toady in the White House," the tweet read.

The cartoon appeared to suggest Barr acted as a sycophant for Trump and his administration as Democrats pressed for more details surrounding Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report.

Critics have blasted Barr for his four-page summary of the Mueller Report and accused him of misleading the public. McConnell and Graham have also been criticized for determining Mueller's findings as "case closed" instead of assisting Democratic lawmakers with their investigations.

In 2018, the magazine published a front page with Trump falling on his face at the bottom of an escalator. Another cover from 2017 depicted Trump as a "dangerous clown" walking through a forest with a sinister grin.