Nudists need homes too, right? Of course, but they may have some unique home specifications.

That’s the premise of TLC’s new show, “Buying Naked.” The series follows nudist real estate agent Jackie Youngblood and her team as they help nudists find homes in the “Nudist Capital of North America,” a.k.a Pasco County, Florida.

“I myself am a nudist, and I decided to get my real estate licenses since my husband and I were investors. I handle the non-nudist or the ‘textile’ world as well but my main market is the nudist—or clothing optional—market,” Youngblood told FOX411.

While it Youngblood wears clothes while she shows prospective buyers their homes, the nudists clients often don’t. So how did TLC’s cameras make a series about nudists that is appropriate for their network?

Lots of strategic object placement, Executive Producer Mike Kane explained.

“We didn’t want to have a show that was completely blurred the whole way through,” he said. “You will see bare rear ends. We don’t have to blur those but you will not see anything else other than that. We have either creatively blocked it [or blurred it]… but it never goes any further than just the rear ends.”

He said the show aims to give viewers a look into an alternative lifestyle—in a tasteful way.

“What TLC always does so well, is look at a certain lifestyle that people aren’t as familiar with, and at the end of the day, when you see the [people] that we focus on—we are taking an honest look, we’re not doing it to be salacious,” he insisted. “These are real people and they are likable people and you start to understand: ‘While I don’t do this myself [I understand why they do], and they seem like they are having a great time doing this.’”

Plus, the show also shows viewers what kind of concerns nudist homebuyers may have.

“When we get into the actual real estate stuff, it’s kind of focusing on the... things a nudist buyer would need, like having a bidet is very important and counter tops that are a certain height because [nudists wouldn't be] wearing any pants.”

Youngblood explained that the realtors who work with her had to learn a great deal about the nudist community in order to find their clients the right homes.

“You have to do research on the nudists and nudist communities and respect and be ethical,” she said. “It is of the utmost importance that you respect [them].”

There are other nudist edict rules that apply as well, she said.

“You make eye contact. You don’t stare. You don’t giggle and of course nudists carry towels everywhere they go.”

Kane said one of the challenges “Buying Naked” faced was getting the nudists in the communities to let cameramen inside their gates.

“It’s a gated community and there is a certain level of privacy that they expect down there and they didn’t want us to do a kind of show that would show them in a bad light,” he said. “Luckily, after a lot of people saw the pilot— a lot of the nudists thought this was... very true and honest look into their community.”

“Buying Naked” is rated TV-14 and premieres with two back-to-back episodes on TLC on June 28.