New reports claim Khloe Kardashian's father is Kris Jenner's hairdresser

The internet gossip mill continues to churn with speculation as to the identity of Khloe Kardashian’s biological father.

The latest development comes from a number of gossip blogs, including Zap 2 it and Necole Bitchie, latching on to a report from, which claims that Khloe’s real dad is none other than Kris Jenner’s hairdresser, Alex Roldan.

The news follows a bombshell claim made a few weeks ago that the youngest Kardashian sister wasn’t actually a Kardashian. The announcement was made by Robert Kardashian’s ex wife and his widow, who both told Star magazine that it was no secret that Robert wasn’t Khloe’s real father.

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Khloe and the Kardashians have shot down the claims, but it hasn’t slowed down the speculation.

Adding fuel to the fire, Khloe and Roldan  seem to bear some physical resemblance. Khloe’s middle name also happens to be Alexandra.

Roldan, who is now a hairdresser in West Hollywood, is taller at 6’ than Robert Kardashian, who stood at 5’7,’’ Hollywoodite reports. Khloe is the tallest of her sisters, standing at 5’10’’.

Earlier reports this week from the National Enquirer also reported that Khloe was actually the daughter of O.J. Simpson.  Robert Kardashian famously represented O.J. Simpson at his murder trial for the death of his wife, Nicole Brown. Brown and Kris Jenner were close friends.

Hollywoodite also reports that the Kardashian clan is well aware of the news and that Kris Jenner was actually planning an episode of their show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" around the revelation.

Earlier this week, Dallas' MIX 102.9 KDMX-FM announced that Khloe, whose husband Lamar Odom was just transferred to the Dallas Mavericks from the L.A. Lakers, will be hosting a daytime radio show.