MSNBC's Chris Matthews: Trump should be calling Elizabeth Warren 'Geronimo' amid poll surge

MSNBC host Chris Matthews showered Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass, with praise on Tuesday night, so much so that he suggested to President Trump that he ought to start calling her "Geronimo" due to her recent surge in the polls.

During his appearance on "The Late Show," Matthews weighed in on the 2020 Democratic field, telling host Stephen Colbert that Warren and former Vice President Joe Biden can "beat" Trump and that South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is "coming on strong."

When asked why he thought Warren was "surging," the liberal cable news personality quickly responded with "ideas."

"I think she's very careful to say, 'I'm not a socialist, I'm a reformer. I want to fix things but I do believe in the market system is the basis and I want to redistribute the wealth, but I don't want to just kill the wealth,'" Matthews elaborated. "I think she's very smart and I think people are gonna listen to her. I think she's going to be someone to watch."

The "Hardball" host suspected that Warren could win Iowa because she's a "progressive," New Hampshire because it's her "home court," and win Nevada because it's a "big labor state."

"She can win three in a row," Matthews exclaimed. "She's the one that can start really fast. I think she'll blow out Bernie [Sanders]. Bernie will lose his votes to her."


Matthews later slammed Trump for mocking people's appearances and giving nicknames, offering him a nugget of advice.

"You know who's doing really well right now? Pocahontas is doing really well," Matthews continued. "I think he should start calling her Geronimo right now because she is coming on strong and I wouldn't call her Pocahontas anymore."

Warren is now placing third among national polls, rising up to an average 11.6% and shortening the gap between herself and Sanders, according to Real Clear Politics.