Model Shlomit Malka seriously injured in electric scooter accident, was found 'lying unconscious'

Israeli supermodel Shlomit Malka was hospitalized Sunday after she was seriously injured riding an electric scooter down a popular bike path on Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Boulevard.

The Jerusalem Post reported the 23-year-old model and former host of Israel’s “The Voice” suffered a head injury after she fell off her bike.


It’s unclear whether Malka was wearing a helmet at the time. However, witnesses claimed the path was slippery due to an automatic sprinker system for the grass.

“She was seriously injured after crashing the bike, but is not in a life-threatening situation,” said police spokesperson Mickey Rosenfeld to the publication. “Police arrived at the scene and are looking into how the accident took place.”

Police added Malka was sedated and placed on a respirator at Ichilov Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. MDA paramedic Ya’arit Oren said she was found unconscious on the side of the road.

“We gave her life-saving medical treatment, including medication and anesthesia, and we urgently evacuated her to the hospital while her condition was defined as critical and unstable,” said Oren.

A hospital spokesperson confirmed a medical team conducting tests on the model.