Miranda Kerr: 'I'm Christian' and 'I pray every day'

Miranda Kerr has had a busy few months. Earlier this year, she split from husband Orlando Bloom and parted ways with mega-brand Victoria’s Secret, before taking on a slew of marketing deals, including ones with Swarovski and H&M.

So how does she handle her hectic life?

“I pray every day,” she told The Telegraph. “I meditate every day and I do yoga. I'm not religious, I'm spiritual. And praying is something my grandmother taught me as well. To pray and be grateful, have gratitude, is a big thing for me.”

Kerr also took the opportunity to clarify her religion, which has often been misreported. "…I'm not Buddhist. Orlando is," she told The Telegraph. "I'm Christian.”

Her spiritual outlook has helped her deal with challenges. She said she first learned how to handle struggles when her high school boyfriend died in a car crash. Her son, Flynn, is named after him.

“When I have challenges now, I feel like I sit with them, I try to look at things, because there's always a positive and a negative to everything," she said. "And sometimes I'll speak to friends, and sometimes I'll just meditate and I'll visualize letting it go, or whatever it might be. Meditation and yoga, and having people, as I said, who you trust, who you talk to. But also writing. I like to write, and then I can rip it up or burn it."