'Mike & Molly' stars: Upcoming season will be show's last

"Mike & Molly" cast members Rondi Reed and Billy Gardell took to social media to announce that the show's upcoming sixth season will be its last.

On December 4, star Billy Gardell tweeted that the season premiering January 6 would be "Mike & Molly's" last and would be 13 episodes long.

On Wednesday, Reed posted a Facebook status reiterating that this season will be the show's last and that it will consist of 13 episodes rather than the previously announced 22. She added that the cancellation was CBS' decision, the last day of shooting will be January 27, and the show's producers have explored "other ventures" but that this is likely the end of the road for the long-running comedy.

CBS announces midseason premiere dates

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"Mike & Molly" premiered in 2010, before star Melissa McCarthy's film career took off. McCarthy stayed with the show as she rocketed to stardom thanks to her roles in Bridesmaids, Spy, and the upcoming Ghostbusters remake. According to Forbes, McCarthy was the third highest-paid actress in Hollywood in 2015, earning $23 million.

CBS did not immediately respond to TVGuide.com's request for comment.

"Mike & Molly" premieres January 6 on CBS.