Megan Fox's Snake-Print Dress and Jessica Bartley's DIY Lip Balm

Here's what's happening, everybody:

Megan Fox got extremely leggy to promote her "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" movie in South Korea, arriving for the Seoul premiere on Tuesday in a snake-print dress (below). Turtle-print would have been more appropriate, sure, but Fox probably didn't want to offend any of her co-stars by wearing a gown made from their kin.

Want smooth, supple skin like Megan's above? The secret lies in making your own skin-care products, just like Jessica Bartley of the online series "Esthekitchen." Watch the video above to see how she makes her own natural lip balm with beeswax, coconut oil and a vitamin E capsule.

Two weeks after unveiling the tush-tacular cover art for her new single "Booty," Jennifer Lopez unveiled a more comprehensive version (below). In this new one, J.Lo and featured rapper Iggy Azalea are both flashing their butts, presumably to silence any fans who thought this song might be about pirate's booty.

Justin Bieber is being investigated for attempted robbery and attempted battery after trying to snatch a camera-phone from a patron at a Dave & Busters. But in his defense, he probably just didn't want anybody to see his awful Frogger score.

The producers of "Full House" are reportedly toying with the idea of bringing the show back to TV, and a significant portion of the original cast is said to be on board. Interestingly enough, that significant portion includes pretty much every castmember who doesn't currently have a multimilllion-dollar fashion and fragrance empire.

No Longer bound by the constraints of being a television trophy wife, former "Trophy Wife" actress Malin Ackerman (of the canceled series "Trophy Wife") shaved her head in favor of a Miley-like hairdo (below). Her show "Trophy Wife" was canceled, by the way.

According to the Daily Mail, the 22-year-old homeless man Miley Cyrus brought to the VMAs wasn't technically homeless. He reportedly left his mother's Oregon home to become a model, but she says he's welcome back any time. (Miley can stay in California, though.)

Kim Kardashian announced on Twitter that she'll be guest starring on an upcoming episode of the CBS sitcom "Two Broke Girls." In all likelihood, she'll be playing herself, because there's no way she can convincingly play the role of a third "broke girl."

Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Miley Cyrus and Avril Lavigne were just a few of the celebrities who appeared on the Tuesday night's final episode of "Chelsea Lately" to sing a farewell song to Handler (and to desperately grasp at the last bits of credibility the show can afford them):

In order to highlight the need for clean drinking water throughout the world, Matt Damon took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge with toilet water instead of fresh water (below), thus becoming the first person on Earth to effectively give himself a swirlee.

Pamela Anderson isn't going through with her second divorce to husband Rick Salomon, instead electing to dismiss the divorce papers she filed from the record. Something tells us she should probably keep a second set of those divorce papers handy, though.

And finally, Little Caesar's pizza locations are now offering pizzas with soft-pretzel crusts, presumably for customers who can't decide between their two favorite carb-laden indulgences but want horrible gas just the same.