Man Shot in Left Buttocks at Calle Ocho, Report Says

What a pain in the butt! Literally.

A man was shot in his left buttocks while attending the Calle Ocho festival, The Miami Herald is reporting.

The newspaper did not release the name of the victim, but said that the man did not even notice he was wounded as he marveled in the festivities of Miami’s Latin carnival.

It is uncertain if the two men were arguing prior to the incident taking place.

The publication said the victim was taken to a nearby hospital. He is in stable condition and should recover soon. There were no other injuries reported and no arrests have been made.

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As Fox News Latino reported last week, there were no don't protests, rallies or celebrations at the festival over the death of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez.

“Chavez will have no part of the festival this year,” she said. “This is art and art and politics don’t mix.”

Deemed the largest Hispanic festival in the country, Calle Ocho takes place in Miami's Little Havana and has become a celebration of Hispanic culture since 1978, when the festival was created to teach and celebrate Cuban heritage.

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