Luke Bryan releases new single 'Kick the Dust Up'

Luke Bryans new single “Kick the Dust Up” turns the volume up louder on a sound he invented over the course of his two previous albums. The backroads party song takes a drive to a cornfield for another booze-fueled farm party.

The similarities to "That's My Kind of Night" are unmistakable. Both lean into hip-hop (this song a little less so), both head to a cornfield, both involve an ambiguous liquor and both end with the singer and his girl disappearing in search of privacy.

All week long its a farmer town / Making that money grow / Tractors, plows with flashing lights / Backing up a two-lane road / They take one last lap around / That sun up high goes down, Bryan sings over a unique, song-defining introduction. Its Middle Eastern-inspired, but not so much so to throw his diehard fans off.

And then its on, come on girl kick it on back / Z71 like a Cadillac.

Dallas Davidson penned this song with Chris DeStefano and Ashley Gorley. The chorus goes:

We go way out where there ain't nobody / We turn this cornfield into a party / Pedal to the floorboard / Eight up in a four-door / Burnin up a backroad song / Park it and we pile out / Baby watch your step now / Better have your boots on, kick the dust up.

While not quite as edgy as the track from Crash My Party, this first single from a new album is certainly louder, and with more pointed production. Jeff Stevens is joined by his son Jody to produce this track. Bryans voice is clean, and the instrumentation more organic. Everything is more vivid.

Just follow me down beneath the 32 bridge / Y'all be glad you did, he says at the bridge.

After consecutive Entertainer of the Year awards (CMA and ACM), it looks like Bryan doesn't plan on tinkering too much with a sound that's working, or at least has worked in the past. "Kick the Dust Up" comes in the face of critics of this style or sound. Its clear hes out to please fans first.

Why Fans Will Love It: It’s what they expect from the format’s most popular male artist.

Key Lyrics: “Park it and we pile out / Baby watch your step now / Better have your boots on, kick the dust up.

Did You Know?: Dallas Davidson,Chris DeStefano and Ashley Gorley also wrote “That’s My Kind of Night.”

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