Liam Neeson filming Woody Allen sex scene when Soon-Yi scandal broke

“Non-stop” star Liam Neeson was filming a sex scene for Woody Allen at the very moment the director received a call that his long-term partner Mia Farrow had discovered naked photos Allen took of Farrow’s adopted daughter Soon-Yi Previn.

Neeson starred with Farrow in Allen’s 1992 drama “Husbands and Wives,” and was in bed with actress Judy Davis when Allen suddenly went missing.

“There was one incident — people think I’ve made this up, but no,” Neeson reveals in GQ’s April issue. “There’s a scene where I’m [performing a sex act] on Judy Davis, right. Judy and I are in bed — obviously covered up . . . the crew are all ready, and we’re waiting for Woody. No-show. It’s starting to get a bit uncomfortable.”

Neeson, 61, continues of the awkward moment, “Anyway, he came out after about 20 minutes . . . there was no apology, nothing. What happened: His lawyer had gotten in touch with him to say Ms. Farrow has found naked photographs of her adopted daughter [Soon-Yi].”

Reps for Allen, who later wed Previn, didn’t get back to Page Six.