LeAnn Rimes wants to have a baby?

“Baby, baby, baby, I’m excited,” LeAnn Rimes giggled on the fifth installment of her “semi-scripted” VH1 reality show, “LeAnn & Eddie.”

LeAnn’s BFF from childhood, Chrissy, had arrived in Malibu armed with the ultimate accessory–a darlin’ baby girl. LeAnn kissed and cooed over “Lil Bit” in her kitchen as she discussed changing diapers and the dangers that come with a steady diet of spinach juice.

Meanwhile, her hubby Eddie Cibrian went off to Tarzana to get a haircut and immediately started complaining about his ex-wife, “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Brandi Glanville. “You think my ex would be incredibly excited that I’m with somebody who loves the kids like they’re her own,” Eddie groused to Mike, his hairdresser.

Mike tried to be supportive and asked if Brandi was in a relationship with anyone. Eddie scoffed, “Would you date her?” Mike gallantly plead the fifth and Eddie explained, “I have no idea what my ex-wife is up to. We communicate a little bit over email about the kids, and that’s it. I mean, I hope she finds happiness. Maybe she would stop talking s--t. I doubt it.”

Mike complained that with his broken iPhone and lack of game, he has a hard time getting a date. Eddie offered to take him out on the town. “I’ll go out with you, man,” said Eddie, admiring his new ‘do in the mirror. “I’m happily married, but I can still go out with you.”

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Back in Malibu, Eddie questioned whether or not LeAnn would be able to “handle” taking care of “Lil Bit” on her own, as he had to meet Mike for a drink. LeAnn assured Eddie that she and “Lil Bit” would be fine.

“I think that Eddie forgets that even though I wasn’t there when Jake and Mason were babies, Jake was only two when we got together, so I was still changing poopy diapers and dealing with temper tantrums,” LeAnn said of her child rearing experience.

Naturally, as LeAnn was sitting on the floor, playing with “Lil Bit,” her producer, Darrell, called with an “emergency project” and needed to meet LeAnn “now.” At the meeting, Darrell and a big shot from a video game company tried to convince LeAnn to record a track for a pitch meeting that same day-- baby or no baby.

To complicate things, Eddie met Mike at a wine bar in Santa Monica, where he had two young hotties waiting. “If Mike thinks I’m going to sit here and be his wingman, this double date is going to fail worse than my first marriage,” quipped Eddie.

Eddie, concerned that the paparazzi were going to catch him out with two women who were NOT LeAnn, quickly made his excuses and left the bar. “Oh, yeah, I’m going to take one for the team. It’s team ‘Happily Married,’ not ‘Team Let’s See If We Can Get Mike Laid.’”

Happily, all was right in the world when Eddie got home to LeAnn in Malibu, who had just put “Lil Bit” to bed. “Do you still want one?” Eddie whispered to LeAnn. “Kinda,” she whispered back. “I want one, but I think we can wait a little while.”

“I love babies,” explained LeAnn, who drove out to Hollywood to record a track for her producer after putting “Lil Bit” to bed. “But to have to balance work and baby right now I think is really tough. I think my life would have to change–a lot.”