LeAnn Rimes' Bikini Photo and Ellie Krieger's Grape-o'-Lanterns

Here's what's happening out there:

Earlier this week, LeAnn Rimes shared a snapshot of herself in a skimpy bikini on both Twitter and Instagram (below), perhaps in a sly attempt to audition for the next Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She's  after all.

Looking for an easy way to curb your kids' candy intake this Halloween? Watch the video above to see how Ellie Krieger makes the holiday a little healthier with her "Grape-o'-Lantern" idea.

There's been much speculation over the authenticity of Kylie Jenner's bulbous new lips (below), and apparently she's sick of it. The 17-year-old reality star told her Twitter followers to "talk about something new," but we're guessing she didn't mean Ebola or ISIS. She wants you to start a new topic about her, you guys.

Perhaps jealous of all the attention the World Series was garnering, former MLB player Jose Canseco shot off his own middle finger while cleaning a handgun on Tuesday. And while it's said to be "accident," we still like our theory much better.

Chadwick Boseman, the star of the Jackie Robinson biopic "42" and the James Brown biopic "Get On Up," will now be starring in an autobiographical film about a completely fictional person: Marvel Comics' Black Panther. Hopefully, one day, Boseman might be allowed to play a completely original character. But today is not that day.

Julia Roberts told a U.K. publication that she's "taken a big risk in not having had a facelift" over the course of her acting career. We suppose that makes up for all the other risks she hasn't taken, like playing a character who doesn't have the same laugh in every one of her movies.

MTV is reportedly planning to air TV series based on the "Scream" franchise, set to unfold over the course of 10 episodes. So instead of waiting only two hours to find out the killer was the tertiary character all along, it will now take two months.

Director Kevin Smith, whose bearded face you might remember from "Clerks" or his AMC show "Comic Book Men," has shaved off his beard to film a role in one of his upcoming movies (below). And underneath all that hair, he apparently looks like every other schmoe you've seen on your way to work this morning:

During an interview on Monday's "Howard Stern Show," "Parks and Recreation" star Amy Poehler revealed she once went to dinner with John Stamos (at his request), but wasn't sure if it counted as an actual date. In any case, she got further than 99.9999 percent of the human population, putting her in league with such notable poineers as Neil Armstrong and Jacques Cousteau.

The producers of "Saturday Night Live" have confirmed Prince as the musical guest for their November 1 episode, where he'll reportedly stage an uninterrupted "eight-minute long jam session." It's sure to be quite the treat for Prince fans, while simultaneously serving as the perfect bedtime lullaby for everyone else.

Dolly Parton told Billboard magazine that she never had kids because her life "just didn't turn out that way," so now, she considers "everybody's kids" to be hers. But if that were really how she felt, she would have sent our children some freakin' presents this past Christmas.

Former reality star and current lifestyle expert Lauren Conrad cut her already short lob into an even shorter 'do (below). And though it's technically still a lob, this haircut needs a new name to differentiate itself from her last one. Therefore, we will now be calling Conrad's shorter lob a slob. Behold:

Despite releasing "1989" only days ago, Taylor Swift is already on track to have the best selling album of the year. But all hope isn't lost for every other artist; we hear that new-wave quintet Simple Minds are releasing their 16th studio album this November. Fingers crossed, everybody!

And finally, Papa John's pizzerias have debuted their new Fritos chili pizza, topped with cheese, chili, and Fritos. "It seemed like a no-brainer," they wrote in a statement, and we couldn't agree more. There were absolutely no brains utilized in the conception or production of this ridiculous thing.