Leah Remini says Tom Cruise thinks she is 'the devil'

In an interview with Larry King, Leah Remini said Tom Cruise thinks she's Lucifer.

Remini grew up as a Scientologist but decided to leave the Church in 2013 and is currently promoting her A&E docuseries, “Scientology and The Aftermath.”

“He wouldn’t say anything to me, because he thinks I’m  the devil,” she said when asked what Cruise would say to her these days. “He honestly believes … Tom and most Scientologists, all Scientologists, are taught to believe that people like me are literally the devil, that we mean them harm.”

In the series, the actress interviews former Scientologists. The former “King of Queens” star called Cruise a “true believer.”

“Tom is very well aware of what is Scientology, truthfully,” she said. “He is very aware that it’s an organization that is defrauding people out of their lives. But in his heart, I believe he believes it.”

She called the actor a “a loyal Scientologist" and said at one point she felt the same way.

Last month Remini discussed Cruise in her Reddit AMA.

She stated the church sees Cruise as a Messiah.

“Parishioners believe that he is singlehandedly changing the planet because that is what the 'church' is telling them.”

The Church of Scientology issued a statement to US Weekly regarding the actresses’ allegations.

"Leah Remini is doing this show for the money, just as she profited from her book. In addition, she attempted to extort the Church by first demanding $500,000, followed by an additional $1 million, because the Church invoked its First Amendment right to respond to her false claims with the truth. This shows the extent Leah Remini is willing to go to in order to distort the truth about Scientology."

The church has launched a website to slam the actress' claims.