Charlie Sheen's wife, Brooke, was in a hospital intensive care unit Wednesday with a high fever and an infection following oral surgery, her lawyer said.

Attorney Yale Galanter said Brooke Sheen was running a fever of 105 degrees when she was taken to Sherman Oaks Hospital.

She had already obtained a postponement of a hearing in the Colorado domestic violence case against her actor husband because she was to undergo the surgery.

Galanter, who was reached in Aspen, Colo., said the hearing that had been rescheduled for Friday will have to be postponed again.

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"She has an infection as the result of oral surgery earlier in the week," said Galanter. "They're concerned and trying to get it under control."

Both of the Sheens had been expected to attend the hearing in Aspen, where police were called to their home on Christmas Day.

Sheen and his wife had been expected to ask Boyd to throw out or revise a protection order that prevents the couple from contacting each other. Such protection orders are standard in cases of alleged domestic violence.

Prosecutors oppose the request.

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A police officer's arrest affidavit quoted Brooke Sheen as saying the actor pinned her on a bed while holding a knife to her throat and told her that she "better be in fear." The officer said Brooke Sheen reported her husband also told her that he could hire ex-police "who know how to get the job done and they won't leave any trace."

Charlie Sheen denies threatening his wife. His initial court appearance on the charges is now scheduled for Feb. 8.

Galanter earlier asked the court to allow his client to participate in this week's hearing by telephone because of the oral surgery. Pitkin County District Court Judge James Boyd denied the motion but did reschedule it.

The Sheens, who have twin baby sons, have said they want to reconcile.

Charlie Sheen, 44, stars in the CBS comedy "Two and a Half Men."