Lauren Alaina on Valentine's Day fiasco: 'My kitchen threw up'

Talk about an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.

Country crooner Lauren Alaina recalled celebrating the romantic holiday for the first time with longtime boyfriend Alex Hopkins and it wasn’t exactly the special evening she envisioned.


“Our first Valentine’s I cooked for him and I had just moved into an apartment, my first apartment and I didn’t grow up with an upgraded kitchen so we didn’t have a disposal so I didn’t really understand how that works and I put potato peels in it…like an entire bag of potato peels,” said the 22-year-old Georgia-born singer to Sounds Like Nashville.

“My kitchen threw up. Like literally I had potato peels flying through the air and it got all stopped up,” said Alaina.

“I’m a great cook I just didn’t know that. Did you guys know you’re not supposed to do that? Well you’re not, don’t! I had to get a person to come fix it, it was horrible, it was so embarrassing. And [Alex] got there when I was trying to fix it and we were a new couple, we had only been together four or five months and I was trying to be cute and really I just ended up having a sink of potatoes.”


She concluded, "It was a disaster. But now I throw the potato peels away."

Sounds Like Nashville also reported that since the incident, Alex has been the one "to cook and create memorable occasions for the pair."