La India Will Not Press Charges After Alleged Attack in Puerto Rico

Salsa superstar La India was brutally beaten in Puerto Rico, the island’s press is reporting.

According to El Nuevo Dia, the “Sedúceme” singer was allegedly attacked by her boyfriend, Javier Padilla González, while dining at a San Juan restaurant on Monday.

But the singer, whose real name is Linda Viera Caballero, refused to press domestic violence charges against González, claiming he did not hurt her but instead was defending her when an American couple in the restaurant attacked her.

Reps for La India did not return calls and emails seeking comment. But the Puerto Rican singer told the Telemundo show “Dando candela” that everything began when a woman thought she cut in front of her in the bathroom line.

“He is someone who has always helped me,” La India said. “He has never hit me. He tried to defend me.”

La India said that when she stepped out of the bathroom, the woman “took me by my hair, threw me on the floor and scratched my face.”

But, she added,” everything happened so fast.” She said the music was blaring and no one noticed what was happening.

“My boyfriend ran after the couple to take back my rings and they also assaulted him,” she said.

Another woman, however, told Puerto Rican news website El Vocero that she saw González beating La India because the singer refused to leave the restaurant.

A rep for La India told reporters on Tuesday that the singer was shocked when cops brought González in for questioning and accused him of attacking her.

González’s attorney, Leonardo Rosario, told reporters there are many inconsistencies in the case.

Reports have said La India was taken to the hospital for a broken nose and her face was full of bruises. But a rep for La India downplayed the injuries, saying they were being blown out of proportion.

"India is fine. Her nose is not broken, she did suffer a hit but her face is not swollen and she does not have black eyes,” said the singer’s rep, who would only say her name was Norma. “Her forehead is just a bit red. That is all.”

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