L.A Boutique Insulted by Lindsay Lohan Insults Back!

Lindsay Lohan showed her true colors last week by waltzing into West Hollywood boutique Kitson and insisting that they give her $15,000 worth of freebies because she was such a good customer.

Now it's their turn to snap back at the troubled former teen star.

“We're actually really offended. The tables have turned and now we're the customer,” a rep for Kitson told Tarts. “We spent $50,000 on her leggings line, but she hasn't come to the store in three years, and she didn't even do a personal appearance. She should have brought cookies for the staff to thank them for selling her leggings because she does nothing. We don't know if well continue to carry them.”

Ouch. Didn't she learn anything from Victoria Beckham’s fiasco with the store?

In more Lohan news, the party girl hasn't managed to spend a night at home by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa and a good book in quite some time,  but there is a hint of modulation. She hit up the Samsung Behold II premiere launch party at Hollywood's Boulevard 3 on Wednesday night to watch the Katy Perry performance and refused all offers of adult beverages.

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