Kitty Spencer's Skimpy Vacation Pic, Adam Sandler's New 'Hanukkah Song,' and Much, Much More

Here's what's going on out there:

• Over the weekend, Princess Diana's 24-year-old niece Kitty Spencer shared a bikini photo from her vacation to Orpheus Island in northeastern Australia (below). However, her father Charles Spencer reportedly hates when she does stuff like this, which should only guarantee more of Kitty's sexy Instagram photos in the near future.

• If the above photo has got you yearning for a royal new look (but you're not quite ready to start sharing busty photos of yourself online), perhaps it's time you treated yourself to Kate Middleton's gorgeous blowout. Watch the video below to learn how stylist Paul Cucinello recreates the look, then for more details.

• Oscar-winning actress Anne Hathaway is reportedly expecting a baby with husband Adam Shulman. We're hoping this is only the first of many children for Hathaway, because if she puts half as much effort into parenting as she did into rehearsing her Academy Award acceptance speech, she should be a terrific mom.

• Adam Sandler debuted a fourth version of his famous "Hanukkah Song" at a concert in San Diego last week (below). Go tell your friend Veronikkah:

• Mary-Kate Olsen married her boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy in a top-secret wedding ceremony, which took place on Friday in New York City and reportedly featured "bowls and bowls filled with cigarettes" for her guests. But why all the secrecy? We're still not quite sure, but perhaps she simply didn't want Uncle Joey and Uncle Jesse to find out they weren't invited because of their strict anti-smoking stances.

• Kensington Palace has released  playing around at William and Kate's family home in Norfolk (see one below). According to reports, the photos were also taken by Kate herself, which only makes us further resent our own mothers for sharing only our naked baby photos with the world.

• And finally, in response to a question from one of her fans, British novelist J.K. Rowling took to Twitter on Friday to explain why Harry Potter named his son after cranky Hogwarts professor Severus Snape. Needless to say, this kicked off a spirited debate among her followers, which presumably ended when everyone remembered that none of these people are real, so none of this matters.