Kim Zolciak wants smaller breast implants

Kim Zolciak is ready to downsize.

On Wednesday, the “Don’t Be Tardy” personality revealed she’s looking to reduce the size of her breast implants, asking Instagram followers the best option, a full C-cup or a DD-cup.

“I obviously have implants. I have the largest implants they actually make, but it doesn’t look that big on my body because of just the way I’m built,” Zolciak, 40, said on her “House of Kim” podcast. “But, I’m thinking about actually getting my boobs reduced.”

The mother of six also revealed she’s already phoned her plastic surgeon, Dr. Leonard Hochstein, husband of former “Real Housewives of Miami” star Lisa Hochstein.

“I already called Dr. Hochstein, who did my boobs and tummy a few years ago – he did my hernia repair and my tummy tuck after that, you might as well! And I said, ‘You know, I feel like I should get my boobs reduced. They’re heavy, my posture is terrible, I’m getting older,'” Zolciak explained.

“I was thinking of going from like a DD to like a C. So head on over to my Instagram please and vote: DD or C,” she added.

Zolciak also shared that after breastfeeding her children, her boobs “were stretched out, loss of volume, pancake nipples.”

“So anyways, let me know. I’m thinking like a C, a full C. I have to have all my clothes altered. I have to buy a size 6 in everything when I could wear a size 2 in tops because of my boobs and then have everything altered. So it’d be nice to just be able to wear something. They’re perky because I had a lift, so it’s not really that, it’s just the weight of them,” she said.

Zolciak also posted a bikini snap Wednesday, thanking 4-year-old son Kane for playing photographer.

“Thx @kanebiermann for taking this pic of me today!! Lopsided boobs and all (clearly it’s the bathing suit lol). but thanks you guys for voting on C/DD can’t wait to downsize a little @dr.hochstein,” she captioned the shot.

This article originally appeared in New York Post.