Kim Kardashian ups ante with sexy selfies, videos

Kim Kardashian is one of the world’s most famous women because she shares about 99 percent of her life on TV and social media. (Oh, plus that sex tape.) But in recent weeks, the reality star has been upping the ante – even for her -- with her sexy social media videos and pictures.

While on vacation in Mexico with her young children, North and Saint, Mrs. West showed off her iconic derrière while twerking in two separate videos – one in a pool wearing a thong and another while oiled up, bottom up. She’s also been posing provocatively for the paparazzi and in seflies wearing a wet white t-shirt, zooming the camera in on her chest while filming a Snapchat video, and posting pic after pic showcasing her trimmed down bod with and without baby oil. Even a tame one piece swimsuit shot had a provocative message: “Turbo THOT aka “that hoe over there.”

President of ONE.1 modeling management Craig Lawrence says sexy oversharing comes with the territory.

“I do think she is trying to stay relevant in the space. All the social media platforms have become sexier and more provocative,” he said. “Maybe she is trying to compete with her sisters but in the end, she is carving her own footprint.”

Kardashian, who has 80.5 million followers on Instagram and 47.5 million on Twitter, has some serious social media competition with little sister, Kylie, who is close behind with 72.4 million Instagram followers and 17.6 million on Twitter, due in part to her scantily clad shots. Supermodel sibling Kendall Jenner has 19.1 million on Twitter and 63.9 million on Instagram.

So while Kim may be trying to stay out in front of the younger generation, one pop culture expert says the 35 year old needs to hang up her thong before it gets embarrassing.

“It may sound crass but athletes and celebrity sexuality have a similar timeline. When you're creeping closer to 40, people may feel it's time to hand the torch to a younger generation," said SiriusXM Radio personality Rich Davis. “Your best days may be in the rear view mirror. Maybe it's more appropriate for a 20 year old Kylie Jenner to have booty pics than a mother who is a bit older. Like I said, Kim could be the exception, but you never want to be the old guy at the club.”

Of course the biggest reason the Kardashian/Jenners share so much is it makes them so much money. But now the entire family is facing scrutiny from Truth in Advertising, who says they failed to disclose over 100 posts that were paid advertisements. The K/J clan was given a week to make good, or else the organization says it will tell the FCC, which mandates that celebrities and journalists disclose they are getting monetary compensation for endorsements.

Twerking in the pool, however, requires no such transparency. Unless you are selling chlorine.