Kevin Spacey's 'American Beauty' co-star Mena Suvari calls sexual misconduct accusations 'shocking'

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The recent sexual misconduct allegations against Kevin Spacey were “shocking” and “heart-wrenching,” Mena Suvari, Spacey’s “American Beauty” co-star, said on Tuesday.

“I think with everything that I’ve been seeing that everyone’s been going through, it’s shocking,” Suvari said in an interview with Megyn Kelly.

“It’s important to focus on the conversation that’s happening and the healing, the victims — the right thing that’s to come out of this,” Suvari went on to say. “That’s sort of what I try to hope for and focus on the most. It’s something that we’re truly changing and moving out of.”

Spacey, 58, who won Oscars for “American Beauty” and “The Usual Suspects,” was accused of sexual assault late last year by several men both in the U.S. and U.K. Officials in both countries have since opened criminal investigations to further explore the claims.

“Star Trek: Discovery” actor Anthony Rapp accused Spacey of sexual misconduct. He claimed the star, then 26, made sexual advances toward him in 1986 when Rapp was 14. Spacey later apologized in a statement in which he also announced that he was choosing to “live as a gay man.”

Following the allegations, he was fired from his role on Netflix’s “House of Cards.” He was also replaced by Christopher Plummer in the Oscar-nominated crime thriller “All the Money in the World” weeks before it was released in December.

Despite the recent controversies swirling around Spacey, Suvari said Tuesday that she was thankful for her role in “American Beauty,” which snagged the Oscar for best film.

“For me, having the opportunity to work on ‘American Beauty’ was something that was so special and so beautiful,” she said. “I was so young and was so grateful to have a job. And to be working with such experienced individuals — everyone on that set was wonderful to me … I had a beautiful experience working on that film.”

Fox News' Stephanie Nolasco contributed to this report.